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Neotech RAM Cannula®

The Neotech RAM Cannula is intended to be used for preterm and term neonates, infants, and pediatric patients who require supplemental oxygen, respiratory support or assistance in breathing in an ambulatory, hospital or institutional environment.

It is used to provide oxygen with the following methods:

  1. Heated or unheated, humidified low flow oxygen.
  2. Heated, humidified high flow oxygen.


Neotech’s RAM Cannula features soft, gently curved prongs designed for patient comfort. Its simple set up and flexible tubing helps promote developmentally appropriate positioning for infants and children. The RAM Cannula is available in seven sizes. All sizes are colour-coded and include a 15-millimeter oxygen tubing adapter for use with low-flow or high-flow humidified oxygen.

Features & Benefits

  • For use with low/high flow humidified oxygen
  • Soft, curved prongs
  • Colour coded sizes
  • 15 mm oxygen tubing adapter included
  • Not made with natural rubber latex or plasticiser DEHP
  • Individually packaged
Cat No. Colour/Item Qty/Unit
N4900 White 10/box
N4901 Green 10/box
N4902 Blue 10/box
N4903 Orange 10/box
With Larger Tubing
N4904 Yellow 10/box
N4905 Teal 10/box
N4906 Purple 10/box

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